COVID and Annapolis Family Acupuncture: 

AFA has taken several steps in accordance with and beyond the CDC and MD Department of Health in order to protect patients from the spread of COVID-19. We ask that you review these guidelines and adjustments. 

1. Please kindly wait in your car until your appointment time in order to avoid people in our waiting rooms unnecessarily. 

2. Please wash your hands upon entering the clinic either at the community sink or in the bathroom. 

3. Treatment rooms are equipped with a special air filter with built-in UV light that kills 99.7% of germs in the air. 

4. Treatment tables are now lined with a plastic covering that is sprayed down and cleaned throughout the day. 

5. As always, sheets are changed after every patient. Before reuse, sheets undergo a sanitization cycle in our dryer. 

6. Lights, door handles and other surfaces are sprayed throughout the day with bleach cleaning solution. 

7. Our lift handle trashcans have been replaced with foot pedal trashcans. 

8. Hand sanitizer is available in every room. 

9. Your temperature will be taken upon arrival to ensure you do not have a fever. 

10. Every patient undergoes a COVID screening to ensure they are not developing COVID symptoms before treatment. 

11. Both patient and practitioner are to wear a mask during intake. Once there is no more talking, patients are allowed to remove their mask, but they are to be put back on after treatment. If you forget your mask, they are available for purchase for $1. 

12. Dr. Molly wears scrubs that also undergo a sanitization cycle.

13. As always, Dr. Molly continues to wash her hands before and after every treatment.

14. Call buttons are now in water bags in order to allow for sanitization and washing between treatments.