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SAAT Allergy Treatment

SAAT is a technique developed by Dr. Nader Soliman M.D, which utilizes muscle testing with homeopathy alongside auricular acupuncture to determine what a patient's allergies are, if they have MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), and to eradicate the body's production of antibodies that are causing the patient's uncomfortable symptoms.  Successful treatment with the SAAT technique may completely eradicate a patient's allergy symptoms longterm. 


At this first appointment, Dr. Molly will conduct a thorough intake to discuss suspected allergies and how they affect you.  You will complete muscle testing to determine whether or not you have MCAS and specific allergies, and if present, MCAS will be treated plus 1-3 other allergies.  Subsequent visits can be scheduled to follow up for more allergies 3-4 weeks after the first round is completed. 


SAAT allergy treatments are not covered by insurance, but generally require only one treatment per allergen!

In the photos to the right, you can see just how tiny the SAAT needles are in the first picture.  In the middle photo, if you look closely, you will see the tiny silver loop in this patient's ear; this is the head of the SAAT needle.  In the photo on the bottom, you will see the adhesives placed over the needles that were placed.  The patient wears the needle and adhesives for 3-4 weeks after they are placed.  They are not painful and they do not typically fall out when adhered correctly. 

To book your SAAT appointment, head to our booking page.  Click on Dr. Molly Hutto, then scroll down to the bottom of the appointment selections on the left, and select your New Patient SAAT treatment.  It will be about an hour long.

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